To match the stricter requirements of the GPP (Green Public Procurement) which is the environmental policy tool envisaged for all Public Administrations.


Our Silver fir

The Silver Fir (Abies Alba) is a wild plant with many advantages: among the conifers is the only essence without resin pockets, its fiber is compact and durable and allows an easy penetration of the treatment preservatives. This local essence is the main element for the manufacturing of the prefabricated houses and of the outdoor structures at Legnolandia. That’s why as well as that is widespread in the area of Dolomiti Friulane, according to Celtic legends, it offers serenity, strength and health to people who live nearby. Red more about Silver Fir...


Legnolandia is the only partner of the International Forum Weisstanne which was founded to promote the Silver Fir.




Legnolandia work with Zero Km wood which comes from mature and selected trees cut nearby our orwn factory in order to keep a sustainable forest management. Ask for our FSC® cerified products




silver fir wood


Our clear energy:

energia pulita

With due regard to the nature, we use only clean energy which comes from natural renewable sources. In our forests, we have found the formula which allows us to preserve the ecological balance through the reduction of the carbon dioxide emissions: the dangerous CO2. Our deal is to achieve the "zero-footprint".

Thermal energy

The thermal energy used for heating and manufacturing processes, is derived from a modern biomass plant fueled by wood waste resulting from processing and from tree branches. The combustion of biomass does not increase the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere - that is the greenhouse effect - and that makes a difference with the use of fossil fuels, especially diesel, emitting CO2 stored in plant tissues billion years ago, along with other pollutants such as oxides of nitrogen, sulfur and fine particles.

"Zero km" raw material

The timber which comes from the certified forests in the mountains of Friuli Venezia Giulia and the Dolomites, are the real difference compared to manufacturers who use raw material transported by truck from one part of the world to another one with the increasing CO2 pollution.


The electricity that we use on daily basis comes from the hydropower plants on our municipality and a solar energy plant, which lead to a total reduction of harmful emissions. This factor makes the difference against those realities,which are linked to a national network of fossil fuel power plants and they are real sources of environmental pollution.

28th September 2013, Legnolandia was awarded by Legambiente with the prestigious Green Flag thanks to the solutions that we found during the manufacturing process.



Our wood hyper-preservation:

protezione del legno per esterni

Impianto per il trattamento in autoclave Legnolandia carries out special wood treatments through technologies which use cycles and environmentally friendly substances with respect for the environment and the people. Thanks to these treatments we offer the maximum guarantee of durability of the wood, even if that is exposed to the most hostile weather conditions.

Treatments against wood rot

Fireproof wood treatments