VIDEO: new area of flavor, tradition and solidarity of Amatrice

New Area of flavor, tradition and solidarity of Amatrice.

After only 288 days, the new Food Area of ​​Amatrice was built, the town famous for its "Sugo all'amatriciana".
The construction was made possible thanks to the solidarity of the readers of Corriere della Sera and La7 television.

Video of the inauguration with the mayor of Amatrice Sergio Pirozzi.


Eight restaurants, three of which started their own business at the inauguration, and over two thousand square feet of surface with an extraordinary view of "the Laga" Mountains. The new Area Food was designed by the architect Stefano Boeri (Milan) and built by companies Legnolandia, Domus Gaia, Segheria De Infanti, Vidoni, using the PEFC Certified Wood of the FVG Wood Industry.

Here are some photos of the inauguration:

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