Garden Furniture

Take home the nature

Many years dedicated to the Outdoor: gardens, terraces, green areas.
Our Company, with almost 40 years presence in the “Green” field, have been supplying private customers, garden centers and enterprises which are enjoying our competence, the inside value of our products and their lifespan warranty.
Here you can find all our items for the top Garden Furniture: pergolas, gazebo, small houses, boxes and fences which have been manufacturing with handcrafted care and advanced process technology.





energia pulita

Clean energy in our products

In respect of nature, the past century has seen us organizing in our factory, a production cycle capable of emitting into circulation only clean air, deriving from natural sources. In our forests, and their respect, we have found the formula that allows us to preserve the ecological balance through reducing emissions of carbon dioxide: the infamous CO2. Our deal is to point at "zero-footprint".

Thermic energy

The thermal energy used for heating and manufacturing processes, is derived from a modern biomass plant fueled by wood waste resulting from processing and from tree branches. The combustion of biomass does not increase the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere - that is the greenhouse effect - and that makes a difference with the use of fossil fuels, especially diesel, emitting CO2 stored in plant tissues billion years ago, along with other pollutants such as oxides of nitrogen, sulfur and fine particles.

The raw material at "zero km"

The wood which we derive from certified forests comming from the mountains of Friuli Venezia Giulia and the Dolomites, makes a difference compared to manufacturers who use raw material transported by truck from one continent side to the other side, with the resulting air pollution by CO2.

Electrical energy

The electricity we get from hydropower plants on our municipality, and a solar energy plant, with a total reduction of harmful emissions. makes a difference with those realities, linked to a national network of power plants, are objectively real sources of environmental pollution.